Hello and welcome to my blog and online portfolio.me portrait

I’m a 23-year-old multimedia journalist currently working in London as a senior arable reporter at Farmers Weekly.

I have NCTJ qualifications and a keen fondness of anything to do with agriculture and the countryside.

A farmer’s son from the depths of Somerset, I’ve worked hard to make the transition to the journalist I am today.

During my teenage years I regularly wrote comment pieces for my regional daily newspaper.

I’ve recently graduated from Bournemouth University with a degree in Multimedia Journalism, got my first job in the real world and conquered my fear of commuting in London.

I’m sure you’ll appreciate, the latter was no mean feat. As a humble West Country lad the prospect of using something called public transport and walking amongst thousands of people once terrified me!

Don’t mistake me for a one trick Exmoor pony, however. Rural affairs stuff aside, I can apply myself to any kind of journalism.

I’ve previously worked as a trainee local news reporter at the Bridgwater Mercury and Burnham & Highbridge Weekly News, an Editorial Assistant at the Sky News Millbank studios, written news stories on knitting, aired my opinions on TV talent shows, produced online content for car magazines, designed pages to industry standard, self-shot and edited documentaries… you get the idea.

But don’t take my word for it, explore the site and see for yourself. Once you get bored of this site you can check out all of my Farmers Weekly work too.



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